Grown exclusively before the coast of Sanremo, the ‘gambero rosso’, – large, red shrimp – is a real jewel! So I paid a visit to chef Gaetano Tropiano and sous-chef Paolo Tropiano of the “Mare Blu” restaurant, to find out more. “It is a beauty, yes!” he answers to my question to describe this specific crustacean. “It has a bright red colour and the most flavoursome flesh.”.

Gaetano, Paolo’s father, adds: “They are scarce and only fishermen from Sanremo are allowed to fish them. In October and November they are not allowed to be fished so they can reproduce.”

“They taste sweeter and their consistency is also different from an Argentino, or a Sicilian one (Gambero del Canale di Sicilia). Both are more tender. The ‘Gambero Rosso di Sanremo’ is crispier, even after cooking,” Paolo explains.” “You can eat them in many ways but raw they taste best!”

At ‘Mare Blu’, I try the ‘gambero rosso’ raw on the terrace. Paolo advises not to use pepper, salt or lemon. Pure is the best way. In the hand. I notice the prawn is almost completely transparent.
“This means it is fresh,” Paolo says. “The Sanremo shrimp keeps the eggs in its head. This influences the flavour. It is why gourmet people of the world say the ‘Gambero Rosso of Sanremo’ is one of the best.

True. I never tasted this before!

Address: Mare Blu,
Via Carli 5, Sanremo