To find out more about the famous sausage ciauscolo, I visit the artisanal butcher shop Macelleria f.lli Bellesi in Camerino. The counter is filled with various fresh meats from the marchigiana beef, a large home-made porchetta and other local meats. Both brothers Venanzio and Giovanni Bellesi process the meat, and serve clients.

“Ciauscolo IGP is a fine-grained sausage made from double chopped, noble meat such as the shoulder and loin pieces of Italian pigs,” Giovanni explains. “The meat is mixed with red wine, spices, salt and pepper. The sausage requires three months of maturing.  The salami is very soft inside. The production area of IGP Ciauscolo includes several municipalities in Le Marche.”

Giovanni puts a sausage on my plate and I cut a piece from it. The inside is pinkish-red. Giovanni drizzles a touch of virgin olive oil on top for flavour. The ciauscolo is tender, delicate, with a spicy aroma and a savoury aftertaste. Top.  

Address: Macelleria f.lli Bellesi, Via Madonna dell Carceri 47, Camerino