The Book

The goal is to combine all the stories, recipes and trivia into a book; that’s not just another Italian cookbook, but a culinary travel experience.

The author will travel to Italy and record her findings on the spot. Little is known about Cibo di Strada outside Italy. The book will offer an in-depth explanation of the origin of regional street delicacies. The various stories will take shape through interviews and dreamlike photographs.

Suzanne Simons (on the picture) will artistically portray the journey. Seeing is eating: the dishes, the markets and their colorful stands, etc. Photographic impressions of the surroundings; sheep and their shepherds, mothers in the kitchen, fishermen on the water, olive pickers, will all create a sensational reading experience. Suzanne lives in Montefollonico, Tuscany and runs the B&B ‘Follonico’ together with her husband. (Check their website)

The book is for people who are passionate about Italy and that enjoy themselves as only Italians do. In dreamy medieval villages, the readers are shown the gastronomy of the street, where time has stood still. The many tips and facts will inspire the reader for her or his next trip to Italy. Each region is not only culturally and historically rich but also culinarily unique.

Release Dutch version: December 2021
Release English version: April 2022

You can pre-order the book via the con